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WWTC Token Statistics

Base Price 0.01 cent
wwtc token price 30.59

Total Token Distribution

WWTC Token Overview


WORLDWIDE TRADE COIN, a multi-industry stable token built on the trusted Ethereum Blockchain and harnessing the power of Ethereum Virtual Machine.

“WWTC aspires to be people's currency, for the people and by the people”.

1. It allows cryptocurrencies or digital assets to be traded instantly on the Ethereum platform.
2. ERC tokens consistently handle incoming token transactions efficiently & quickly in Smart Contract.
3. ERC20 Tokens are accepted by most of the popular crypto trading platforms. Hence, any user can perform transactions with the use of tokens.
4. Games
6.Merchant Transactions
Merchant benefits -All merchants are welcome as a community member, where they will have 100% benefits.
7. Staking Platform (staking 2% x 12 months = 24 % per annum)
Follow the way of the Staking platform, WWTC holders will be able to Stake their tokens to other people and will get monthly interest.
Yes! there will be collateral before you Stake to someone, so your funds will be guaranteed & secure.
8. WWTC E-Community Collateral Staking (CSS program)- 100% Profit.
9. Custodian is a financial institution.

Our Mission

WWTC E-community drives a mission to be successfully in the entire crypto platform, vision to be safe and secure, protecting the community and the community developments towards profit and welfare of the community members, users, merchants, gamers, traders, etc.

We are connecting people towards profitable zones.


Air drop - 1st Phase - Disturb of coins,

Custodian - 2nd Phase – Financial Institution -Securities for Safekeeping,

Staking - 3rd Phase - Staking User profits interest on staking holdings,

CCSP - 4th Phase - User profits Zone ( 1+1 ) , Merchant profit Zone ( 5+5 ),

Exchanges - 5th Phase- Cash on wheels (Function as peer to peer exchange),

Transaction - 6th Phase - Merchants,

Usage - 7th Phase – Games,

Business - 8th – Trading (P&L) ,

Peer to Peer - 9th Crowd funding,

Why should I choose WWTC?

Our project are unique, safe, secured and most important 83.3334% token is in custodian, circulation is less, demand is high which gives you better results and savings profits, as per your requirement and you can easily manage your investments from anywhere either home or work place or any part of the world.


Custodian is third party fund holding service to keep public and private funds in secured form. Custodian offers API to access funds to deposit and withdraw for third party platforms (ie.) staking, trading, exchanges and merchant platform. Every coin is auditable with custodian service. Most of coin or tokens owners may not.... Read More


Community Collateral Staking Community thrives a new idea for all community members, which is called as Community Collateral Staking Program (CCSP). In Community Collateral Staking Program (CCSP), all community can avail benefit by this CCS Program, CCS program is your personal pledge and merchants own pledge benefit with unique features where this.... Read More


WWTC profit making, many ways to say multi your money by staking, without any risk and fear of losses. Any common person who holds coins in WWTC, can stake his/her coins at the staking platform. Once you have placed your coins at the staking platform then you will receive 2%.... Read More


Cryptocurrencies in games. Cryptocurrencies are currencies supported by agreed protocols. Thus, in a game, a cryptocurrency is a currency that allows players to make exchanges inside the game, which may also involve 'real' money. The Sims is a great example of using virtual money inside a game Most of the current.... Read More


WWTC walk its way through airdrop program, a new era venture to increase the user, believers, customers, etc… in word of for the people and by the people , meaningfully that the entire responsibility is in your own idea logic, to sustain the value of your money is within.... Read More

Cash on wheels

Crypto is by definition a token and by design encapsulated on a ledger. To say a bitcoin is not a unit of account is to say an abacus is not a calculating machine. Bitcoin, WWTC, Lite and cryptocurrency is money. The only question is whether it is money with enough.... Read More

Referral Commission


WWTC News Update

Keep your stake with us get good returns
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10 Oct, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below send us your question at [email protected]

WORLD WIDE TRADE COIN, a Multi-Zone utility based Stable Token built on ERC20 platform.
WWTC E- Community is a group of Well Educated, Professional Businessperson, and Advisory Board within the community. 
Often updates as follow: -
E-community will educate the cons and cons of cryptocurrency with WWTC.
E-community will provide help to the merchant to increase the business trade volume.
E-community will educate earning opportunities for everyone in the community.
E-community program for the merchant will provide the best benefits for merchants to earn more profits. Until now there are no such programs in cryptocurrency history.
E-community program will connect users and merchants in the best way of the collateral program, where both buyers and sellers can make a good profit.
To avail knowledge about the developments of your owned WWTC tokens, the WWTC e community provides guidance of WWTC profit making only.
Add on to it, the WWTC E-community member gets priority services and much more benefits from the merchants and other join venture programs.
A.	Total supply is very low. It is easy to earn profit here with WWTC token.
B.	Mainly the highlight of the program is out of total supply 83.3334% is given towards Custodian only for staking income. When the circulation of token is less and the demand will be high, demand is more than supply.
C.	Programs like Cash on Wheels makes the cash out easy as freelancers
Every member joining into community are taken it account, the price of the WWTC token will increase by 0.01cent.
If a member withdraw himself/herself from the community 0.01cent will decrease.
This plan of action happens up to 100k members into community.
By means this happens only at the time of air drop program.
i.	Cash-out through multiple trade platform.
ii.	Cash-out through merchants.
iii.	Cash-out through staking platform. 
iv.	Cash-out through peer to peer programs.
v.	Cash-out through bidding platforms.
vi.	Cash-out through cash on wheels.
vii.	Cash-out through gaming platform.
When a member stakes their tokens, he/she will get 2% of the token, every month.
Therefore, they will get 24% per annum.
If the member withdraws the token from the staking platform, member you will not earn 2%.
30 N Gould St Ste R
Wyoming 82801 
Contact us – [email protected]
No one is possible to get more than 10 tokens from airdrop program
If you want more WWT C tokens, you will have to purchase from exchange or trade platform or Peer to Peer platform or Cash on Wheels Platform.
A.	Merchant can benefit from the staking program.
B.	In exchange of products to community users and WWTC users, accepting WWTC tokens as full payment, merchant makes 100% and more profitable sales.
i.	A long period of Staking.
ii.	Taking part in collateral program.
iii.	Earn profits in trading platforms.
iv.	Spend time in games connected with WWTC tokens
If you interested to make more profit, you can purchase more WWTC token from the trade platforms, cash on wheels, peer to peer platform and merchants, more earning if have more tokens. 
you earn profit monthly without selling tokens, through staking and merchant collateral program and more coming soon.
You will benefit 10 WWTC tokens, if you take part in the airdrop program
Those 10 WWTC tokens by the end of airdrop program, the value of the token becomes 1000$ each.
You can use it in staking and get monthly 2% from the value of your tokens or if need to sell them, you can use the trade platform.
Profit, you get 10 WWTC tokens which has value, you check the current price on the home page or exchanges, by taking part in the airdrop program you make money!
The members who join the WWTC E-community will receive tokens, which leads him/her towards Profit making so called financial freedom.
WWTC e-community will updated you time to time on the upcoming programs and your personal benefit, you can avail all benefits from whichever program is given by the E-community.
WWTC e-community all airdrop members are active members.
Feel free to write about WWTC tokens on social media,
It is your WWTC token, you can increase your value of your WWTC token… by just a small note.
Example: - I like WWTC token, I made profit of it, I have WWTC token, I want more WWTC token, I wish could stake more WWTC tokens, etc.
Facebook, Twitter, telegram etc.
And follow the links of the WWTC e-community.
Keep in touch to get updates of the community
The Procedure for Listing a WWTC token in the global exchange has been started from the mid of year 2020. The WWTC token will soon get listed in the Global Crypto Exchange, Once WWTC wallet hits 100K verified members.
Currently Users may on-board USD, Bitcoin (BTC), ETH and additional currencies are coming soon. Additionally, US Residents may on-board crypto via their banks.
We’re offering two main functionalities in the wallet when we launch:
1.	You may on-board and store crypto. We will offer ETH, BTC at launch but additional currencies are in the works.
2.	Staking 
3.	Gaming 
4.	Cash on wheels
5.	CCS program
After Airdrop, WWTC tokens will be available globally, except in these countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Colombia, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea, Haiti, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.
Keeping our users’ money and information safe is our priority. To do this, we leverage advanced strategies and technology, including block-chain, encryption and strong data protection policies.
WWTC token was designed for Multi- Zone utility, 83.3334% is in custodian platform and uses an open-source, block-chain based ecosystem to verify credentials.

Token are very limited in circulation, demand is high, staking high profit returns and CCS program special design for all WWTC user, User profit 1 + 1 and Merchant 5 + 5.

We accept ethereum from community development

The world's easiest Payment Service.